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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jennifer's Body

The worst thing a horror movie can be is boring.  If you can even call "Jennifer's Body" a horror movie it's boring with a capital B.  When there's as much bloodshed in the end credits as in the rest of the movie, you know you're in trouble. Though sadly even this bloodshed is portrayed in still images that don't show much so you're not getting much bang for the buck.

Like a combination of "Carrie" and "Scream" the movie is about a high school girl named Jennifer (obviously) who eats boys.  This happens because an indie-rock band tries to sacrifice her to Satan to help their career.  (Who knew the world of indie rock was so cutthroat?) This gives Jennifer awesome super powers, so long as she eats boys.  Like her period, this needs to happen about once a month.

Her best friend Needy (who like in all high school-related movies is completely unattractive because she wears glasses) was at the bar when Jennifer ran into the band and suspects something is up.  She especially gets suspicious when boys start dying.  Blah, blah, blah whatever.

As I said, this movie was boring.  I don't know why it got an R rating.  There's a little gore and some bad language (and a girl-on-girl kiss) but not anything too much.  Sadly anyone hoping to see Jennifer's body in "Jennifer's Body" will come away disappointed.  The nudity is pretty PG-13 for whatever reason.

I suppose this isn't all that surprising because writer/producer Diablo Cody (of "Juno" fame) and director Karyn Kusama don't exactly have the reputation of George Romero or Wes Craven.  They should probably just leave the horror movie business to professionals.

That is all.

My score:  25/100 (1 star)

Metacritic score:  47/100 (2 stars)

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